2005 July 1 - Den Haag
Updated: 2005 July 23 

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Hannah's house in Den Haag. Her place is at the end of a little alley, a quiet oasis in the big city. To walk from the street to her door you have to pass a gauntlet of plants and flowers.


Most of the cars are similar to, if not a little smaller than, the cars we find in the USA. However, gas is a little bit more expensive - in fact during our trip we paid around $5 per gallon for diesel fuel (the cheap stuff), at a time when regular gas in the USA was about $2.30 per gallon. So naturally you find some more fuel-efficient cars in Europe. Not to mention the need for maneuverable cars for tight spaces and tricky parking situations.

On our first little walk around the neighborhood, we find two prime examples of practical European city cars. My favorite is the smart car, but the Canta is also cute.


This is the street scene near the train stop around the corner from Hannah's house.

An evening walk along the beach in Den Haag. Here we find public art installations on the strand by Tom Otterness. Incidentally, these pictures were taken around 9:30 PM - gotta love those long summer days in northern latitudes.


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